5 Things You Should Do While Camping

5 Things You Should Do While Camping

Making Your Trip Special

Now that you have made plans to go somewhere, are staying safe, and saved some time getting ready, here’s a few tips to make this trip extra special!

Slow down as soon as you can

There are some beautiful campgrounds in the United States from Yellowstone to Yosemite. If Mother Nature is your thing, we definitely have it out here. Once you’ve gotten away from the rat race, one thing that you can do is get up early and find the nearest chair or picnic table and start some camping meditation. Nothing fancy needed here (but definitely improved by some coffee). You’ll appreciate listening to the birds and rustle of other campers as life literally wakes up around you and inside you.

Bring a journal

Since vacation and camping time seem to be so rare, it’s easy to forget how you felt, what you did, and sometimes even where you went. In order to help you out, bring a cheap journal from the Dollar Store or get a fancy camping one to keep in the trailer. The rule is that anyone who wants (even strangers you had a good hike with) can fill out a memory! This tip also works great for Air BnB hosts.

Cook some comfort food

Camping is a time to get away from it all - even that strict diet if you can. Pack just enough comfort food to make one S’more per person. That way, just one more isn’t an option! Or if you’re not dieting, bring extra to share with others at the campsite. Nothing says let’s be friends like chocolate and marshmallows! Also, if you have a grill or use your propane stove, don’t forget to grab a bag or two of Jiffy Pop Popcorn. There’s nothing better than a campfire and a sizzling bag of popcorn!

Hike with a camera or a cell phone in airplane mode

If the journal suggestion was a little too dated for you, there’s always an opportunity to bring your camera phone and start a virtual memory album to share. Just ditch the cell service by turning your phone on Airplane Mode. You didn’t drive 1,000 miles to be interrupted by dings and rings. But, it’s still a good idea to bring a phone in case something happens on the trail!

Enjoy a drink with your feet up

Hiking, meditation, journaling, comfort food - what’s next?! A cold drink with your feet up after a long day well done. The 2-in-1 Beverage dispenser is a perfect addition to your camping gear. Looking for that perfect summer drink? Try a Washington Apple! Cranberry Apple Cider or Juice, Ice, and Crown Royal Apple. Mix to taste and get the red solo cups ready!

Plan for the best

It might seem odd to make a plan for what you are going to do while you're camping and trying to get away from all of the planning, but setting some guidelines will keep you enjoying your trips for years to come. Do you have something that you love to do while camping? Please add it to the comments below.

Thank you to Blake Wisz blakewisz.com (image of Couple in front of Airstream) and Alex Holt alexholtdesign.com (image of Marshmallows over a campfire) for their great photography!

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