5 Ways to Save Time Before a Trip

5 Ways to Save Time Before a Trip

It's time to hit the road! Well... Almost...

Back when my wife and I first got married, I remember going camping with her family. Her dad had a travel trailer that they kept on the edge of their property and rarely (i.e. never) used. So much so that they bought us a tent as one of our Christmas gifts. There was one time that he did use the trailer with us and his new grandson.

I remember the amount of work and last minute effort that went into it. As well as his comment, "You have to put two hours into these things for every hour that you get out of them!" This article is all about 5 Ways To Save Time Before A Trip, so that you enjoy every minute of it.

Get two sets of bedding

One of the main reasons people choose to trailer camp is to stay comfortable on the road and your bed is a big part of that. To save time with bedding, it helps to always have a "trailer" set of linens. Depending on when you camp, you'll want to choose the appropriate materials and thickness for your trip.

Try to choose something more durable to hold up for multiple seasons and something warm to save on heating at night. Quilts are usually perfect for this and beautiful at the same time. By having two sets of bedding, you'll be ahead of the game when it comes time to go!

You have to put two hours into these things for every hour that you get out of them.

Do regular maintenance

If you talk to any mechanic or shop right now, you are likely looking at a wait. Everyone and their cousin is out there trying to get their trailer ready for the spring. The last thing that you want to hear is that you cannot go on your trip because your fridge stops working or your brakes need to be done on the truck (eight weeks from now!). The best way to avoid this and the added stress is to do regular scheduled maintenance during the off season. Talk to your mechanic about their least busy time and then schedule your appointments then. You'll likely save both time and money.

Do some Spring Winter cleaning

While you're doing your Winter Weatherization, you should definitely think about some cleaning as well. This will prevent mistakes like feeding mice because someone forgot to empty the bathroom trash, coming back to moth eaten linens, mold in the fridge and freezer, and one more thing to do in the Spring. It's also a great time to pack up your bedding and place it in some snap lid storage containers.

Get started early

This tip involves some hands on exercises and a little forethought. Go to your favorite calendar (or calendar app) and set one hour on each weekend in March called "Awesome Summer Vacation Prep". When that weekend comes around, grab the timer app on your phone and set it for one hour and try to get as many things on this list as you can.

  1. Find the hot dog skewers and bed linens (set aside in garage)

  2. Check and charge the trailer battery

  3. Make sure you have all of the hoses (water hose, sewer hose, any attachments)

  4. Check around the ceiling for any leaks that may have started

  5. Plug in your RV in and test the appliances

  6. Bring a vacuum and double check for any dust bunnies or mice droppings

  7. Look at each of the tires for damage and check the lug nuts

  8. Check all of your cabinets for "extra" stuff and make sure you have everything you need (utensils, pots and pans, soap, sponges, etc)

  9. Schedule any necessary repairs

That should be a good start - if you have more to do, schedule a little more time in April and make a new list!

Use easy to store equipment

The easiest way to make sure that you have everything you need in the RV is to never take it out of the RV in the first place. From Stackable Leveling Blocks to our Collapsible 2-in-1 Beverage Dispenser and Collapsible Watering Can, there are many items that can be left in the trailer so that you never have to find them or forget them. This will save you time, space, and money!


Vacation is a time for fun, friends, family, and adventure! Hopefully, these tips will help you be happy and excited for that vacation instead of dreading another year of looking for the "trailer stuff". Please feel free to add to the comments if you have anything that you do to get ready for the summer!

Thank you to Airstream Inc. airstream.com (image of airstream) and Shawn Lee (image of pocket watch) for their great photography!

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