5 Ways to Stay Safe While Camping

5 Ways to Stay Safe While Camping


Summer is just around the corner. It won't be long until RVs, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, and Camper Vans start becoming the main focus of Instagram and Facebook feeds everywhere! So, now is the perfect time to start planning for where you are going to go and how you are going to stay safe when you get there. In this blog, we'll cover 5 tips about safety while traveling.

#1 - Lock your doors (and maybe even change your locks!)

According to Truck Camper Adventure, 60% of all storage compartments on RVs have the same keys! Even though it may be a rare occurrence, the last thing that you want to worry about on that glorious morning hike is whether or not you are going to come back to missing equipment and have to spend valuable time with your family calling credit card companies. Other common targets include your batteries, so make sure that they are secured as well.

#2 - Go with friends

Whether you are going with little ones, by yourself, or with a partner, having friends with you has many advantages for a safe trip. The first advantage is that you can rent out multiple camp sites next to each other. With enough friends, this will let you rent an entire group site or you can reserve the whole back corner of a campground. This creates both a sense of security and boundaries for the kids (don't go past Aunt Emma's trailer!).

The second advantage is that you can take turns watching the site. This helps if everyone has different energy levels. Someone that prefers to read in a hammock while watching nature? Perfect candidate for camp watch duty. But whoever does like going on hikes better come back with some good pictures and a few fun stories!

The third advantage is that you are absolutely going to forget something. Don't feel bad - it's bound to happen when you're trying to pack up a home on wheels. Having more friends on the trip increases the chances that when you remember the hot dogs, but forget the sticks, that someone will be able to help you out!

#3 - Have a plan

Even if you can't get a bunch of friends to join you on your road trip excursion, it's important to keep friends or family in the loop.

  1. Let someone know where you are going to be, how long you are going to be there, provide your reservation information, and when you expect to get back.

  2. Get a portable charger for that cell phone, check your coverage map, and put your roadside assistance & insurance phone numbers into your phone's contact list.

  3. Bring a camping first aid kit in case you aren't able to get medical attention right away and don't forget to pack enough medication to cover the time that you are away.

#4 - Bring a furry friend

Bringing or borrowing a dog for your trip can increase your security in a few ways.

  1. Warmth - if you're willing to sleep or cuddle with your furry friend (and they oblige), you have an instant, electricity-free, heater blanket. This especially becomes important when you run out of propane or the camp ground loses power and you're stuck with whatever heat source is available to get through the night.

  2. Noise - let's face it, the problem with bringing a dog to a campground is that they can be super loud! However, within that weakness is a dog's great strength! They will likely hear things like rustling bears, battery thieves, and hungry squirrels way before you ever will. By having a warm alarm system, you can be alerted to possibly dangerous situations.

  3. Visual - dogs can also be intimidating to someone that doesn't have the best intentions at heart. When it comes to a dogless campground vs. a loud, alarm system with teeth that can chase you, I think the choice is obvious which one a less than honest camper would rather hang around.

#5 - Stay hydrated

The last thing (and maybe the first priority) that you should consider is how you are going to stay properly hydrated. It's easy to forget to drink water on a camping trip with all of the other beverages available and the hassle of carrying water around everywhere. Our bright and colorful 2-in-1 Collapsible Beverage Dispenser is the perfect way to keep water both visual and accessible for the campsite to enjoy while also saving space. With the lid, it's a great way to keep unwelcome bugs and critters out of it as well.

Remember - you can only survive about 3 days without water (according to MedicalNewsToday)!

Stay safe out there!

Hopefully, these tips will give you a jump start on being safe on your next trip. With a little careful planning and preparation, you'll have some great memories (and avoid some bad ones). If you have any tips, products, or advice that keeps you safe on your trips, please leave a comment below!

Thank you to Christoph Wesi facebook.com/yourawphotoart (image of dog by fire) and Jimmy Conover youtube.com/jimmyconover (image of couple & dog) for their great photography!

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